Kalas on Wax: Phillies, The First 100 Years

Front Cover: Phillies the First 100 Years

Rear Cover: Phillies the First 100 Years

This is a record released in 1977 and narrarated by Harry Kalas about the history of the Philadelphia Phillies. If you’ve ever listened to Harry Kalas and thought “you know…Harry would sound a lot better speaking over soaring strings or disco music”, this is absolutely a must-have.

On the rear cover:

There is no game like it! It’s so beautifully simple, yet magnificently complex.

To some it’s a sport, to some a religion, to some a ballet, and to some a confrontation.

But, to Philadelphians, Phillies Baseball is the greatest”

  • William Y. Giles, Executive Vice President

Side 1 covers a smattering of Phillies history including Herb Pennock’s hiring as General Manager and Tim McCarver’s “grand slam single”.

Side 2 is about the 1976 season, during which they won 101 games but lost the NLCS to the Cincinatti Reds.

A sample of the intro and full mp3s are below.

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